I’ve idolized Johnny Thompson for decades, but I didn’t get to meet him one on one until I was 59 years old.

I’d driven to Vegas from L.A. with Joan Lawton to see a show and we met up with Simone Marron and  stopped by Johnny and Pam’s home late one evening. The conversation was all over the map: magic, politics, world events, Pam’s health, Johnny’s work. It’s pivotal to the story to be aware that John didn’t know me from Adam. But he took the time to ask me about the kind of magic I did and he gave me a few pointers.

As we left the Thompson home that night, Johnny said, “I hope I’ll be able to see you work sometime.”

I know I’m not alone in having a moment like that with Johnny. But it meant the world to me. I never got the opportunity to show him my work. But the fact that he showed an interest in a “nobody” made me idolize him more than I ever had before.

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