As a host at the Magic Castle, I worked with Johnny and Pam whenever they were performing. They were the most wonderful people to work with and Johnny always the consummate gentleman, with an amazing sense of humor. As position would have it, I interacted with Pam more often as the evening progressed. Pre-seating guests and other host duties. One night, early into our acquaintance, I noticed that Pam had a small plush dog in her purse, How cute, I thought, until a second head popped up and I realized both were real live tea cup sized pooches! They were the sweetest things and quieter than church mice! Suddenly I met another Magic Castle employee who also had 2 of these tea cup puppies and my world expanded to many more.  It is an honor to have had the opportunity to work with Johnny and Pam. Johnny’s passing leaves a well of sadness in the magic community, filled only with the joy of his contributions, friendships and humor.

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