I was an honor to play my our necktrumpet for respected Max Maven and Johnny Thompson at the house of mystery Las Vegas with my our brother Jeff McBride in 2007 just after I made world news levitating in the gardens of the White house in Washington DC and Times Square New York where I showed that I want to make people wonder and that reality is not what people think that it is.. The necktrumpet was teached to me my Chand Pasha 11th generation traditional Indian magician,. May Chand Pasha and Johhny Thompsons spirits live forever. They are with us in word sound and image. And we continue our duties of the legacy of magic with their teachings in our hearts and soul. Thank you Jeff for connecting me to Johhny back in the days. Love to you my our brothers and siters that under- and overstand WONDER.

Magician and mentalist Ramana

Amsterdam, Netherlands May 15 2019

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