A true renaissance man, Johnny Thompson has worked as a magician, actor, musician, writer, magic consultant, make-up artist, clown, and even a wrestler! He began his professional entertainment career in 1951 as a harmonica player, touring and recording with Jerry Murad’s Harmonicats. After seven years, he returned to magic and created one of the most memorable characters in all of show business. Performing as The Great Tomsoni & Company, Johnny and his wife Pamela Hayes have entertained audiences all over the world.

From numerous television appearances to Las Vegas showrooms, Tomsoni & Co. were known as the go-to act for Magic and Comedy. In the magic world, Johnny was often referred to as a “General Practitioner”, meaning that he had truly mastered each and every area of his craft. As a consultant, he worked behind the scenes creating magic for Lance Burton, Penn & Teller, Criss Angel, Siegfried and Roy, David Blaine, and many of the top magic acts working today.

He has also touched the lives of countless other magicians around the world through his teaching, friendship and generosity. Throughout the years, Johnny has been the recipient of many awards. Notably, Johnny and Pamela received the award for “Best Stage Magicians” by the Academy of Magical Arts. Johnny was also honored with the Academy’s most prestigious award, “The Master’s Fellowship”.

As an actor Johnny Thompson has appeared in numerous television shows including ONE DAY AT A TIME, FANTASY ISLAND, and HART TO HART. His Feature film credits include the comedies SERIAL, LUNCH WAGON, and BILLY TOPIT MASTER MAGICIAN.